A downloadable game for Windows

My game jam code was corrupted, leaving me only with those modified files of my game. 

Something is at work here, I ask you to help me find what.

If you win the game message me on twitter: https://twitter.com/GroundApples


a - use objects ( only shrines should be usable in the original game)

e - equip item

d - drop item

i - use item

g - grab item below you

arrow keys - movement

. - wait

use mouse to examine items it hovers over and to target when throwing offensive potions

more details over what happened over in my devblog:


Install instructions

If your platform isn't provided here download the compiled python and follow the steps:

1) use/install python 3.6 (I recommend virtual env,)

2) open cmd inside the game folder and enter the following command:

3) pip install -r requirements.txt

then to run the game from the console enter the following command:

4) python Trial_by_Fire.pyc

otherwise just run the installer or unzip the folder and run the exe


installer-win-amd64 36 MB
win-amd64 37 MB
Compiled Python 279 kB
Source-Trial_by_fire.zip 273 kB


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I’m the guy you got banned on Xbox live I’ll drive to Columbus and Beat u up I live in Cincinnati in the hood 

I am going to drop hints here once in a while.

The first hint: if you can recreate the bugs mentioned here: https://itch.io/t/201232/trials-by-fire

you are on the right track.

Second hint:

The theme is fire for a reason. Try to use it beyond combat.